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My full-service creative agency, Third Eye Graphics, was established in 1997 while learning the ropes at A&A Graphics & Printing in Buena Park. Since then I have worked with the most amazing music festivals, legendary artists, innovative car companies, TV and media agencies.

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animals are friends, not food

I am Creative Director for Monty’s Good Burger, a 100% Plant-Based the Vegan burger joint which features IMPOSSIBLE meat, tater tots with awesome dipping sauces and a crazy selection of sugar cane sodas and delicious coconut milkshakes. #veganclub

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I MAKE Dream and Bass

Listen to Dream & Bass EP at http://1ateb.com


I founded a chillout event, Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge which happened in Downtown Los Angeles and in Santa Monica from 2010-2014. Along with the events, I produced and hosted ~25 Podcast episodes with recordings from the event. I may bring it back.

Let me know if you’d like to be involved or become a sponsor.

Listen on iTunes | tripnotic.fm

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I rapped and produced Hip Hop beats

My friends and I released a Hip Hop album, The Mystics - Remnants of a Lost Culture in 2001. It also featured our pals: Will.I.Am, Supernatural, Abstract Rude, The Pharcyde, and Rahzel. The Mystics crew disbanded in 2003. I also designed the cover.

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