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My full-service creative agency, Third Eye Graphics, was established in 1997 while learning the ropes at A&A Graphics & Printing in Buena Park. Since then I have worked with the most amazing music festivals, legendary artists, innovative car companies, TV and media agencies.

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animals are friends, not food

I am Creative Director for Monty’s Good Burger, a 100% Plant-Based the Vegan burger joint which features IMPOSSIBLE meat, tater tots with awesome dipping sauces and a crazy selection of sugar cane sodas and delicious coconut milkshakes. #veganclub

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I have been privately producing DNB/Jungle, Trip Hop, Hip Hop since 1995 using Cubase, Midi, and Soft Synths. Some of my friends are mad at me for not sharing any of my music, so I’m quietly releasing some on SoundCloud and Bandcamp and upload mixes to MixCloud.

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I founded a chillout event, Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge which happened in Downtown Los Angeles and in Santa Monica from 2010-2014. Along with the events, I produced and hosted ~25 Podcast episodes with recordings from the event. I may bring it back.

Let me know if you’d like to be involved or become a sponsor.

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I rapped and produced Hip Hop beats

My friends and I released a Hip Hop album, The Mystics - Remnants of a Lost Culture in 2001. It also featured our pals: Will.I.Am, Supernatural, Abstract Rude, The Pharcyde, and Rahzel. The Mystics crew disbanded in 2003. I also designed the cover.

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